Santa Fe, New Mexico

Craft-lovers, turquoise-lovers, desert-lovers, and windchime-lovers all love Santa Fe.  It’s a city of immense beauty and a lot of region-specific artists.  The red rocks and moody skies would make any artist swoon.

So, it’s no small wonder that Santa Fe is one of the stops on my six week road trip.  I’ve been there once before; but, I’ve never spent any significant time there (or in the Southwest in general).

I’m excited to see Santa Fe’s saturated landscape.  I’m also a bit of a sucker for Southwestern architecture and crafts; yes, even wind chimes and turquoise.

However, most of my time in Santa Fe will be spent participating in the Portfolio Bootcamp at the photography nonprofit organization, Center.  I signed up partly on impulse, because the boot camp just happens to take place the weekend I’ll be in Santa Fe.  Upon further review, I realized what a great opportunity this will be.  I’ll get to meet with photography professionals, attend helpful classes and seminars, and participate in one-on-one portfolio reviews.  I plan to present my finished and printed Expanse work, but I’ll also share new photos from the road trip up until that point.  This will be the first time since graduation that I’ll be getting professional critiques, and I’m very nervous and very excited.

I also plan to visit the photo-eye gallery while in Santa Fe.  Photo-eye is an organization I’ve followed pretty closely the past few years, so it’ll be nice to see the space in person.

The few days spent in Santa Fe will probably be some of the more intensive days of the trip, but I’m also really grateful that I’ll be getting the opportunity to receive feedback about my photography.  Since graduating two years ago, I’ve realized any feedback is hard to come by, especially of the smart and constructive variety.

Overall though, I must say I’m excited to indulge in some of the rich landscapes and dramatic skies.  The desert in late September will probably be dreamy.