Regarding: the past year

Sometimes I can’t really believe how I got here.  Here, in Ohio, about to move to Santa Fe.  Here, printing a 65-page book of my photographs and numerous larger prints for people who like my work.  Here, as a photographer once again.

You see, just one year ago, I wasn’t in any of these places.  I was living in Philly, just starting to scheme and dream of escaping.  About one year ago I set up a Kickstarter account to fund a road trip that would hopefully re-awaken the photographer in me.  A road trip that would allow me to get away from emotional and physical constraints that I had mostly put on myself.

I left a lot one year ago.  I left my closest friends, a city I had grown to strangely love, and a comfortable existence at a comfortable job.  I guess I just closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and leapt out of the world as I knew it –– to try to find a different kind of life than the one I had been used to.

The road trip I took changed my life.  The experience itself was one I’ll never be able to forget or replicate.  And the aftermath of the trip has taken me places, physically and emotionally, I would’ve never expected.

Throughout the past ten months in Ohio, I’ve lived alone, worked jobs I haven’t enjoyed, and had trouble making new friends and keeping my old ones.  But I’ve also photographed endlessly, put myself in strange new situations, and formed bonds with people from around the world.  I’ve been in shows, done portfolio reviews, edited projects, and made books.  I mean, I even finished reading Infinite Jest, finally.

And in six weeks, I’ll be moving to Santa Fe to begin something that I feel will be amazing.  Difficult I’m sure, but amazing.  I’m so excited.

So yeah, I’m lucky.  It’s been a hard year, and I’ve griped quite a bit (especially if you know me in person), but it’s been probably the most important year of my life so far.  

Sorry for the driveling sappiness.  And thank you to all of you who have helped in all the little and big ways.  It’s a pretty awesome thing to be able to say I’m a photographer again.

Yours in Friday the 13th love,