Ohio Update


So, I’m currently living in Columbus, Ohio.  I landed here after my long road trip, and I’m staying here until I know where I want to (or can) go next.  I’m treating it as a sort of photo residency and exercise in being very alone. So far, so good on both accounts.

Most of the photographs I’ve made so far in Ohio have been taken in parks.  It started out with me going to the park across the street, Schiller Park, to walk my dad’s dog.  I would photograph, observe, and just feel at peace.  Then I moved the operation to a couple other parks within the city limits.  These days, I’ve been seeking out larger, more expansive parks anywhere within 30 or so miles from my house.  Most call themselves “Metro Parks” and feature a lot of land, winding trails, and strange viewing decks.

In South Dakota (my home state), I could drive a mere five miles, and I would be immersed in wide and flat land.  I find solace in that land.  I go there when I’m home and feeling lonely or anxious or sad.  And while the area surrounding Ohio doesn’t have the same landscape, I have still managed to find places that provide me with a similar sense of comfort, intrigue, beauty, and fear that the landscape of South Dakota provides me.

It’s nice to find a sense of yourself when you don’t feel yourself at all, you know?

Just thought I’d give you all a little bit of an insight into what’s going on in my photographic brain these days,