Life is wonderfully weird and funny sometimes.

For two and a half weeks, my online-turned-real-life photographer-friend Jordan crashed with me here in Columbus.  He was originally en route to California via bicycle, but cut that trip short for various reasons, stayed a bit longer in Ohio, and is now traveling around with a band before his next adventure.  This guy has all sorts of fearless gumption, which I can’t help but admire and try to seek in myself.

Jordan and I had never met before he showed up at my door, sweaty and tired and with only a bag and a bike.  We had become decent enough friends through our blogs, Facebook, email, and a few texts.  So when he asked if he could crash with me, I didn’t even hesitate before saying yes.  Let a strange boy stay with me?  Sure.  This was of course something my family and friends weren’t so keen on.  But I trust my instincts.

And much to my relief (more so my worried family’s), Jordan wasn’t a serial killer.  In fact, we got along really well.  He’s a fantastic photographer, a fun adventure-seeker, and just a great person.  It was great to have someone to see old movies with, talk about the nice light on a building, pour over photo books, and help make homemade pizza.  The little things I had grown accustomed to doing alone here in Ohio were made much more enjoyable with good company.

The point is, I’m glad I trusted myself enough to trust a stranger, because I just had a fantastic two weeks.  The internet can be a stupid and scary place, but without a silly blog or annoying texts, I wouldn’t have a new buddy.  And new friends are awesome, especially when you’re in a rather lonely place.

Of course, I’m not about to let just anyone crash at my house.  Don’t get the wrong idea, Tumblr.  But Jordan, you’ll be welcome in Santa Fe anytime.