I recently re-read my written thesis for my series Expanse.  Before graduation from college, we (photo majors) had to write approximately twenty pages about our work, which I absolutely loved to do because I love writing in general.  It’s been about four years since I wrote the thesis, but I still find it pretty appropriate to a lot of my work.  Here’s an excerpt I thought I’d share:

From the beginning, the landscape has been crucial to my work. At first, I simply took landscapes because I found joy in them. The Midwestern land is something I will probably never grow tired of photographing. The complete flatness of the land is so beautiful, and also so complex. Wherever you turn, you run into what appears to be the same view: expanses of fields, lone roads, and huge skies. With such sameness, the subtleties become incredibly important. Much like photographing the same person over and over again, photographing the land of South Dakota is a lesson in observation and acknowledgment of small changes.