Buy a photo and help Sarah fix her car, which died on the way to a photo shoot!

Hi all ye in the Tumblr world,

So, this past Friday my car died on a rough road in the middle of nowhere New Mexico.  I was on my way to a photo gig about 4 hours south of Santa Fe.  I was luckily rescued by two kind farmers, and I made it to the gig on time (happy I didn’t die in the desert and happy I could maintain my professionalism on the job).  However, my car had to later be towed to the nearest town (Truth or Consequences, of all places), where is still resides at a garage.  The repair costs will probably not be a pretty sight to see, or pay.
Therefore, I’ve decided to have a little print sale through my website.  The money raised will help me repair my car, so I can can go back and fetch it and continue my photographic career here in New Mexico.  It’s not a great time in my life for this little financial crisis to happen, so I would really appreciate any help at all.
There is more information on the sale on my website, and you can buy a print directly from there.  All photos will be shipped by August 31st at the latest.  And shipping is included in the cost (inside the continental US). 
Please spread the word, even if you can’t buy a photo yourself right now.  Hopefully I can cover some of the car costs by selling some lovely New Mexico photographs.
Thanks so much, and please feel free to email me with any questions, or if you have a special request for a different photo from my website.
All my best, and thanks for your support!