Austin, Texas

While growing up, my father moved around every few years, and he traveled even more than that.  This allowed me to see much of the country at a very early age.

However, I’ve never really seen Texas.  Yes, I have as many preconceived notions about it as everyone else, but many of my notions are often wrong.

My good friend Emily has lived in Texas for about two years now.  She lives in Austin, to be exact.  Emily and I go way back to middle school, which makes her one of the few that I’m still close with who understands my hometown and state.

Whereas I hear almost nothing but bad things about Texas, I also hear almost nothing but good things about Austin, Texas.  It’s a city with cowboy hats, country music, and trucks, but also a city with a wonderful art scene and one of the best music scenes.  Plus, it looks beautiful.

While in Austin, I plan on stopping by the Austin Center for Photography.  ACP is a relatively new photography organization, but it sounds like it’ll become a great space in time.  With nonprofit photo centers in most major cities in this country, it’ll be interesting to visit some of them and see what’s working for each.

I think I’ll be in Austin the weekend of Austin City Limits, a huge music festival that takes place every year.  I don’t have tickets to any of the shows, but it’ll still be really fun to be there during a weekend filled with good music.

I’m excited to make landscape photos in Texas.  It’s flat, big, and rather bleak.  Plus, I don’t have any images in my series yet of the desert.  If I’m still going to be focusing on expanses, I can’t imagine going through Texas without capturing some really stunning horizon lines.

Oh yeah, and I’m sure the bbq will be great down there.