Asheville, North Carolina

My first stop on my six week road trip will be Asheville, North Carolina.  I’ll be staying with my good friend Leila, who I met while studying abroad in Glasgow, Scotland back in 2007.  Leila’s a wonderful friend, artist, thinker, dog-lover, and person.  Her boyfriend owns Harvest Records, and they have a beautiful house and lovely dachshund.

While in Asheville, I hope to photograph landscapes that are very different from my South Dakota ones:  lush, floral, hilly, green, Southern landscapes.  No matter the landscape, a part of me will definitely still be focused on expanses and horizon lines like in my expanse series.  However, I’m interested to see how that translates based on the topography of the land and the emotional feel of a place.  

As this will be my first stop, I’m going to be largely focused on photographing as much as possible. I’m hoping to see some galleries and shows, but I’ll mostly be spending time with an old friend, reading, writing, and working on my project.

If you have ideas of what to see or do in Asheville (especially if the ideas correlate to my photography), please let me know.