8 months and 3 days

Needless to say, it’s been forever. It seems when I get accustomed to work, friends, loves, life, I tend to forget about other things (ie, this blog).

But I’m back! And I’ll try to stay back!

I’m in the process of adding new work to my website, and to this blog. Technology has not been my friend of late, so I’ve been a bit slow in the whole “putting photos on my computer” thing. 

I’ve been busy working my mundane day (or rather, evening/night) job. I’ve been endlessly searching for more employment and a new apartment. Luckily, I found the latter.

I’m also in the process of getting ready for my first international show! I got into this photography show in Chianciano, Italy. My good friend Lindsay Chandler is coming with me for the week-long exhibit/workshop extravaganza. First, I have to figure out the increasingly stressful process of shipping my photographs to Italy. Sigh.

Otherwise, I’m just hanging in, day by day. Philadelphia’s filthy hot in the summer. My digital camera is slowly becoming my friend again. Dreams of a Tuscan countryside fill my mind daily. Things are pretty good.

More more interesting things to come.